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Hello, I'm Josh Stroud! I'm a former Ironman, Mr. USA, Pro Wrestler and Natural Nationals Champion turned personal trainer who has over the years developed a specific, easy to follow system to help my personal clients acheive their fitness goals. After witnessing the stunning transformation of many of my client's bodies and lives, I've decided to share the secret with you too!

The Abs Have It

​Keep it simple to get that "six-pack look".

For years you were told to do 1,000 crunches a day to develop the "six-pack" abs you've always wanted. This is false! The key to having great looking abdominal muscles is eating a very lean, but healthy diet, taking in the appropriate amount of fat, and working the large muscles of your body.

Leg training is very important. Whenever the legs are worked, the abdominal region comes into play. Strengthening the lower back muscles also plays a large role in ab training. Remember; fancy machines and gadgets are not needed to have better abs. A floor or bench will do just fine.

The truth about Ab Training

Since the muscles of the abdominal region are a small group, the are not large enough to generate sufficient heat to start the fat burning process. That's the main reason why the abs should be trained at the end of your routine. To begin the fat burning process with ab training alone, you would need to perform about a million crunches. I would not recommend that.

Ab training is essential to having a string, healthy foundation for your body. While isolating and toning these small muscles, good form is paramount. To achieve great looking abs, you don't need to use a lot of weight, because in ab training, less is better.

Many people believe the more they train the abs, the better they'll look, but this is not true. Actually the less you work the abs, the better they'll look because everything we do involves the stomach muscles. Standing, walking, and even lying down all involve the abdominal muscles, so it's very easy to over-train this area.

You must establish a very good diet and do continuous leg work to achieve the necessary leanness for pronounced abs. Females carry more fat overall than men, there fore achieving "washboard" abs in usually not possible, but that doesn't mean that women can't have beautiful lean abs. 

Estrogen slows the body's ability to burn fat, so women should isolate the abs by doing exercises that utilize body weight until the best overall leanness is achieved. Overtraining or using heavy weights will only thicken these muscles, and will leave the waist area looking wider.

Making the abs stronger while carrying excess dietary fat only makes it harder to lose this fat. If you need to lose some weight, do so before launching into a serious ab routine. Training smart, keeping body fat to a minimum and eating healthy are the keys to developing beautiful abs.

The typical diet for women who are in very good physical shape with a low body fat percentage consists of 30 percent carbohydrates, 35 percent protein, lots of green vegetables, and about 20 percent fat.

For men who are in very good physical shape with a low percentage of body fat, the typical diet should include 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein, ample amounts of green vegetables, and about 25 percent fat.



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