How to Fill Out Food Sheets - Live Class

1. Write your name and date at the top of the first sheet of the set.

2. Use one sheet per day. Leave space between meals for comments.

3. Bring your food sheets with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, to class each week. The class will review the food sheets together at week2. You will hand them in at the scales all other weeks, and your instructor will mail them back to you.

4. List the quantity of all foods eaten. You do not have to weight food, but be as exact as you can. If you have eaten out, please write in the name of the restaurant.

Examples: Burger King
1. 3/4 Whopper
2. 12 fries

Examples: El Chico
1. 5 Chips and hot sauce
2. 2/3 burrito
3. 2 bites beans
4. 1 bite of friend's enchilada

5. If eating at home: write 1 tablespoon (T.) or 1 serving spoon (SP) serving quantity

6. Very Important: List the foods in the order they were eaten. Write Number 1, Number 2, Number 3 etc. beside each food eaten. Foods must be eaten one at a time.

Why are food sheets important?

The food sheets will enable you and your instructor to see your eating patterns, food chioces, and quantities. Being aware of these choices and patterns will enable you to make the changes that can guarantee you becoming a slim eater forever.

Write on your food sheets as many comments as you like about your eating

For example: "felt dissatisfied after this food." "Ate too much." "Could have stopped sooner." "So surprised that i didn't eat all of this food, I used to stuff myself on this" etc.

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