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Hello, I'm Josh Stroud! I'm a former Ironman, Mr. USA, Pro Wrestler and Natural Nationals Champion turned personal trainer who has over the years developed a specific, easy to follow system to help my personal clients acheive their fitness goals. After witnessing the stunning transformation of many of my client's bodies and lives, I've decided to share the secret with you too!

The Abs Have It

​Keep it simple to get that "six-pack look". For years you were told to do 1,000 crunches a day to develop the "six-pack" abs you've always wanted. This is false! The key to having great looking abdominal muscles is eating a very lean, but healthy diet, taking in the appropriate amount of fat, and working the large muscles of your body. Leg trainin...
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Brenda Teele, Weather Anchor CBS Affiliate KTVT

Learning what to eat, when to eat and why really made the difference. I have a great trainer who helped me tone up...

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Tyrone-Alexandre Roy, Professional Football Player

The only thing I could control was being ready for any "opportunity". Being at J.S. made it all possible. Thanks Josh!

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Melody Murphy Ed. D. Director, Shelton State CC

The Bodymaker bar is easy to work with. You can target all the major muscle groups in the body effectively and efficiently...

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