Thanks so much for the kind words from our past clients and partners!

Jasmine Bates

Jasmine Bates

Thank you for being a strong, caring pillar of strength and support during the most difficult time of my life. You ARE AWESOME! Your kindness shall nver be forgotten! Your friend for life, Jasmine.
Ronald Davidson, Optometrist

Ronald Davidson, Optometrist

I started with Josh from the very beginning. I wasn't sure I could add muscle mass at 40, but found I could. The best thing about weight training is that it makes such an improvement in the way you look, how your clothes fit, your appearance. I'll always keep training because I like having a chest bigger than my stomach and not the other way around.
Tyrone-Alexandre Roy, Professional Football Player

Tyrone-Alexandre Roy, Professional Football Player

The only thing I could control was being ready for any "opportunity". Being at J.S. made it all possible. Thanks Josh!
Betty Culbreath, KKDA Community Connection

Betty Culbreath, KKDA Community Connection

Dear Josh Stroud, You are the best! Betty
Tricia Hodge, News Anchor Soul 73am KKDA

Tricia Hodge, News Anchor Soul 73am KKDA

To Josh from your biggest fan! Love Tricia
Rene Syler, Noon & 5pm News Anchor CBS Affiliate KTVT Dallas-Fort Worth

Rene Syler, Noon & 5pm News Anchor CBS Affiliate KTVT Dallas-Fort Worth

Josh, Thanks for the torture! You the man! Rene
Brenda Teele, Weather Anchor CBS Affiliate KTVT Dallas-Fort Worth

Brenda Teele, Weather Anchor CBS Affiliate KTVT Dallas-Fort Worth

Learning what to eat, when to eat and why really made the difference. I have a great trainer who helped me tone up and geave me direction to make a difference in my lifestyle and attitude that I couldn't do on my own.

Frank Bendiks, D.C.

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for superb and highly professional personal training that you have given me these last eight months.

As you know, when I first started, I had not worked out before. At age 39, it was a completely new experience, going from unhealthy to healthy, a weakling to well-built. I am happy to tell you that the improvements in my physique have been dramatic and much more than I expected for sucha a short period of time. You are the best in town in the science of personal training and I say that without qualifiacation. As a physician, I appreciate somebody who knows what they do and is an expert at it and you certianly fit that bill in the area of body building.

In any event, I just wanted to thank you for your help and to let you know that I will not hesitate to refer you to any of my friends who need personal training.

Emma Iyalla, Supervisor, Hillside Community Center

A mere thank you does not express how we really feel about all the wonderful things you have done for us at the Hillside Community Center.

You put a smile on the faces of the 42 children, who received gift certificates as Christmas presents to shop at Target Storesl. That was the only Christmas present most of these children received.

Thanks to you, Hillside Community Center is $2,400 richer, to enhance our varied programs for the children.

And the 22-station professional standard weight room equipment you are responsible for at the Center is going to benefit the whole community. Youth, young adults, and senior citizens, are all excited about it, and are ready to start working out.

Thank you Josh, you are one in a million, and we are glad to have you as a friend.

Richard Zavala, Director Parks and Community Services Department

The Fort Worth Parks and Community Services Department is pleased to endorse and support your efforts to improve the health and wellness of the visitors to the Hillside Community Center. The stair masters, bicycles, universal machines and other exercise equipment you have donated and solicited are much appreciated and will certainly contribute to better health and the quality of life of youth and adults.

The Parks and Community Services Department, a National Championship Gold Medal Team, believes that partnerships are vital for the many programs and activities we provide for the citizenry of Fort Worth. Joining you in you efforts to provide wholesome recreation, such as the fitness center at the Hillside Community Center, is a partnership we heartily embrace.

Thank you again for your generosity. We support your endeavors and look forward to the positive impacts your initiative will provide.

Kenneth Barr, Mayor of Fort Worth

On behalf of the City of Fort Worth, the City Council, and myself I want to extend our deepest appreciation for your time and dedication to the Hillside Recreation Center Fitness Room.

Your hard work, your determination and your willingness to raise and donate funds has made the community's dream of a new weight room a reality. You have the gratitude of the citizens who will use this facility now and in the future.

Best wishes for an enjoyable celebration and may God continue to bless you.

Linda J. Cobb

I am a teacher in Fort Worth and I watch Channel 11 early morning news as I prepare for work each day. In November, 1996 and again in March, 1997 I was watching your program when Josh Stroud, a Certified Personal Trainer and Pro Body Builder, was one of your guests. For a brief amount of time he talked to the listening audience about balancing, strengthening and toning our bodies. he also demonstrated The Bodymaker.

In November, when I first saw Josh I had every intention of calling to make an appointment, but procrastinated instead. However, in March, when I had the opportunity to see im on your channel once again, I called immediately and made an appointment to meet with him at his gym for an evaluation. I found Mr Stroud to be very personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable about general health, fitness, and personalized training. I became one of his clients and have lost over 20 pounds. I look and feel iek a different person. Before I became on of Josh Stroud's clients, exercise was something I dreaded and just simply avoided. Now it is fun and I actually look forward to working out. I have also learned more about nutrition and folow a nutrition plan that has also proven beneficial in my weight loss plan.

Thank you for having had Josh Stroud on your show. I am grateful for the time Josh Stroud was alloted on your show, but by the time he aired (between 7 and 7:30am), most of the work force had probably already left for work. I think icreased exposure to the public would certainly encourage and help more people who are overweight and reluctant to do something about it. We are regularly hearing about the failing health and the numbers of overweight people in this country, fad diets etc. I would like to see more time allotted to programs such a Josh Stroud's.

Wendy Kosek

I just wanted to say thank you so much! You completely changed my body. Before coming to you I coud do maybe two push-ups and now I can do at least ten sets of ten without feeling weak or in pain. My whole body looks different and the whole time I was training with you, you encouraged me to do my best and improve. Country Day School was blessed to have you this summer. All the athleets that came owe you so much because you taught us so much. You made me believe that I could reach my goals and I did. Thank you so much Josh.

Melody Murphy Ed. D. Director of Shelton State Community College

The Bodymaker bar is easy to work with. You can target all the major muscle groups in the body effectively and efficiently. This is a great piece of equipment for a pro or a beginner. Just try it, it makes a difference.

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