What Causes People To Be Overweight

  • Going on diets, regaining, dieting again.
  • Eating fast and chewing fast.
  • Having an elevated appetite.
  • Eating when you are not hungry.
  • Not knowing the difference between appetite and hunger.
  • Eating to prevent getting hungry.
  • Not knowing how to stop eating when comfortable.
  • Eating around feelings when you are not hungry.
  • Having fattening beliefs about mealtime; eating and responding to them.
  • Having foods you "should" eat and foods "shouldn't" eat. Restrictive eating.
  • Eating foods in "unthinking combinations."
  • Not understanding the impact of sugar in the diet.
  • Habitual fascination with food

When these issues are removed from a person's eating and a person's life, then the overweight problem will be resolved.

Brenda Teele, Weather Anchor CBS Affiliate KTVT

Learning what to eat, when to eat and why really made the difference. I have a great trainer who helped me tone up...

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Tyrone-Alexandre Roy, Professional Football Player

The only thing I could control was being ready for any "opportunity". Being at J.S. made it all possible. Thanks Josh!

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Melody Murphy Ed. D. Director, Shelton State CC

The Bodymaker bar is easy to work with. You can target all the major muscle groups in the body effectively and efficiently...

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